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With over 12 years of wedding photography experience, I empower my couples with the knowledge to make decisions which will result in a stellar experience. 

As a former fashion designer, I incorporate my styling knowledge into my photography approach.

My superpower is being able to pull out people’s authentic selves while they are in front of my camera and building a genuine relationship with my subjects.

I create a space of open communication for my couples to feel they can be honest with what they want. 

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• Your wedding day should not be spent in long "drawn-out"
   photo sessions.

• Wedding images should be timeless yet stylishly current.

• The more fun you have, the more joyful your photos will be.

• Making the most of a rainy day, imperfection or a mishap usually       ends up being the best memory to look back on.

• Beauty is within. Positivity radiates. Authenticity is perfection.

• Love conquers all!





I'm a

director with

approach to

creating natural


Through my direction, I guide and position my couples to focus on their best angles to produce my signature look of natural editorial portraits. It’s normal to be nervous and it’s my job to make it fun and easy. For the Type-A personalities, know I’m in your corner when it comes to being overly organized and detailed oriented. As a Type-A myself, I know what I want and therefore give you full permission to request what you want.

My goal is to be efficiently visible and enable you to fully let go and have fun. I love when the father-of-the-bride often refers to me as “The Boss” during times when I need to take charge or when a guest points out my ninja skills for never being in the way but everywhere at the same time.

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