Children & Family Archive

PREVIEW | NYC Cuteness in Tribeca

Here’s a quick shot of an image I can’t resist sharing. I am IN*LOVE with these two little darlings. Can’t wait to share more!

Snippet of Sweetness | Lillian & Family

Just wanted to share a shot of a beautiful family from a recent shoot.

FAMILY LIFESTYLE | Cassian “Cash” Alexander Li & Family

What’s in a name? Cassian (or Cash as his parents like to call him) who is of mix heritage between Philippino, Chinese & Korean, has an array of diverse names to suit his lineage. Cassian, named after his grandfather has also acquired additional nicknames such as “Porky” or “La Chang” which translate as Chinese Sausage. His middle name, Alexander, is in honor of his father’s brother who passed too early for his time. During the course of the shoot, I was getting a kick out of the names his parents were calling him. Wanna know More…

NEW LIFE | Mackenzie Takes Manhattan…& Hearts

Mackenzie! A bright-eyed doll at 4 months old and completely adored by her parents. It’s quite an amazing feeling to have been invited into a new family’s home, be a part of their morning and witness first hand how much love there is for one little girl.  It’s also quite an honor that her parents have already reserved another date for me to return to capture the next stage in her growth! Look forward to seeing this city babe grow into a city girl!

SNEAK PEAK | Mackenzie-In-The-City

Can’t wait to introduce you to a 4 month old city baby, Mackenzie & her family! Mackenzie is an adorable bright eyed girl who happens to be Jack & Harrison’s playdate (the adorable twin boys I got to photograph a few weeks back). More images to come of this city baby & her beautiful parents whose love for Mackenzie radiated from this shoot.

NEW LIFE | A Day in the New Life of Jack + Harrison

Meet Jack & Harrison, only a few weeks old, bright eyed, healthy, strong & new to the world! I have been dying to post images from this shoot for the past few days! The collection below paints the pure spirit of the session, filled with quiet moments, silly moments & beautiful moments between parents & infants. Hope these boys steal your heart the way they did mine.