There’s something magical about the air, the light and mood of the beach during the off season. Shooting on the beach during this time is my absolute favorite place to shoot. It gives me a blank palette to work with in order to create whatever vision and mood that happens to take place with my subject that day. This particular shoot involved a wonderful couple who are currently based in Boston but will be getting married in Newport Rhode Island this year. I loved their easy going spirit and their willingness to brave the cold to get the shots needed to create these beautiful images below. They were even willing to take off their shoes and dip their toes in the cold water. The crashing of the waves gave some of the images below that very subtle dynamic touch that I always love to incorporate in my work. I can’t wait to see what happens when we shoot their wedding day!
And best part of all… This entire shoot was shot on medium format film using my go to work horse, the Contax645.