A while back when I was about 6 months pregnant, my husband and I had taken a road trip from New York all the way up to Quebec,Canada for a babymoon. Many memories of our relationship was built on road trips. We felt what better way to celebrate the last of “us” as we know it than with a road trip. We chose Quebec because it was a reasonable driving distance from New York and it gave us a feeling of being in Europe without having to hop on a plane… Plus, I wanted to practice my French!
001-2014QUEBECFILMFor the trip, I only brought my medium format film camera along so I could be present and more selective with my shots. I also didn’t want to sit at my desk editing more digital images afterwards. Even though I only brought a few rolls of film and snapped very few photos, I somehow got so busy with life that I forgot about the images until I recently happened across them in my personal archive. I had almost forgotten that we took this trip.002-2014QUEBECFILM 003-2014QUEBECFILM 004-2014QUEBECFILM 005-2014QUEBECFILM 006-2014QUEBECFILM 007-2014QUEBECFILMThese snowy images and scenes along the quiet cobblestone streets brings back a flood of memories from that sweet trip. Now that Winter is back upon us here in New York… along with unexpected 60 degree balmy weather, I am pining for that cold snowy winter feeling I had while in Quebec.