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Awe Shucks…Love & Thank You’s

I don’t think I can ever stop expressing my gratitude when  clients express their gratitude. Most of the times, I’m left speechless in knowing that I have played a part in making a difference (or contributed in a positive way) during one of the most important times in a couple’s life. Some define a successful life with monetary value, other through social status, careers, etc… I  define mine through living a life of gratitude (no matter the circumstances) and making a small difference in everything I do. I think as More…

Rosecliff Mansion Newport, RI Wedding on Carats & Cake

When Brooke (Editorial Director) of Carats&Cake reached out to me to connect over the phone, we instantly hit it off. I love C&C’s business concept (a social media meets pinterest with a dash of yelp site). Aisle Perfect explains it best in their article here. I’m just thrilled to see one of my brides featured on there. Go take a spin for yourself on Carats&Cakes beta site.