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Multi-Tonal Bridesmaids Dress Idea

I love how these bridesmaids dresses are tones of each other and even better that they each have their own silhouettes and varies in style. Don’t be afraid to let your ladies have a way to express their individuality. Plus, varying different bridesmaids dresses looks dynamic in photographs. See Examples below!


I always get asked “What is a boudoir shoot?” Well, I wouldn’t be doing it justice by saying it makes a great gift for him. Because it can be so much more. Some believe in order for women to be empowered, they must dress like a man, act like a man and be void of emotional vulnerability. I could not disagree any more. The female creature is wonderfully and beautifully made. We have a softer side and sensual side that defines our gender. Isn’t it more empowering to embrace ourselves, More…