October 2010 Archive


Well Wed magazine is a regional boutique magazine specializing in the New England/New York /Vermont area. During my personal wedding planning process, I dragged my wonderful fiance’ (at the time) with me to their Hampton’s Wedding Show. We got to taste some really great treats and meet some wonderful vendors.

HAMPTONS | A mini-weekend getaway

My husband & I love to go to places during the off season. We love the quiet & pureness of a place when all the noise & clutter of vacationers & scene-seekers are less of a distraction. For New Yorkers, the Hamptons is a great place to go when you need to get away from the hustle & bustle of city-life.

HAMPTONS | Sea Tuck Cove Inn

We love the Hamptons during the off season, when it’s quiet and all that remains is the quiet cold air and the local residences. A bed & breakfasts we love to return to is the Sea Tuck Cove Inn. An updated Dutch Colonial style house tucked away in a quiet cove with a panoramic view of the water. http://www.seatuckcovehouse.com/index.html